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Juri personally conducts one-on-one Zoom sessions via MacroDozer Academy and offers advanced training through Upwork.

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As a former investment banker, Juri has led M&A and ECM initiatives from London to Wall Street. He has founded ventures in fashion, hospitality, and client services. Now, he manages a small quant fund for friends and family while sharing his insights on MacroDozer and Seeking Alpha.

Juri also conducts specialized market analyses for external clients, leads Options Trading courses at MacroDozer Academy, and offers more advanced training via Upwork.

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I'm Juri von Randow, macrodozing like there's no tomorrow.

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Streamlining Investment: Expertise in Derivatives for Market Adaptability. Covering equities, commodities, and crypto assets, we aim for robust profits in varied market scenarios.


I am passionate about investing in a clear, engaging way, leveraging derivatives to play by my rules. My mission? Generate profits, no matter the market's mood. Equities, commodities, and (crypto)currencies.