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MacroDozer Academy MacroDozer Home Sign In Live Options Trading: Basics Kickstart your trading journey. Discover essential strategies and skills to navigate the options market with confidence.  Training Curriculum  Session 1: Introduction to Options & Options Markets  Session 2: Types of Options & Core Strategies  Session 3: Practical Aspects & Broker Set-up  Session 4: Risk Management & Trade Execution  Final Chapter: Quiz  About This Training Four 45-Minute Sessions Within 14 Days (Max) Zoom One-on-One ($100)
Start Your Options Trading Journey Now Unlock the fundamentals of options trading. Enroll in Basics today and begin trading with confidence!  Enroll Today Instructor  Juri von Randow Options Strategist & Financial Writer
Instructor  Juri von Randow Options Strategist & Financial Writer As an ex-investment banker, I've steered M&A and ECM from London to Wall Street. I've launched ventures in fashion, hospitality, and client services. Now, I trade friends and family accounts and share my insights on MacroDozer and Seeking Alpha. I also offer specialized derivatives analyses and financial writing for external clients alongside live options training courses fuelled by a passion for number crunching, education, and the vibrant community that keeps the solitary trading journey engaging.